G3 Cinema - Documentary/Filmmaking: Director’s Statement



Dr. Michael Gottleib, former Marine, artist, consultant, illustrator, academic and traveler to three continents and 49 states fuses a disparate set of world views to his storytelling.

His documentaries evoke emotion and critical thought while adding occasional humor in his portrayal of people and events.

Current G3 Cinema projects include Gallant but Irrational: Cascabelito’s Tango, a fun and entertaining full length parody on the courage needed to bring a vision into reality.

G3 Cinema is also continuing the documentary ethnography of the Navy Lacrosse Decade of Dominance. 

"Working with motion pictures is a cogent means to make an impact; a natural combination of my desire to tell stories, and to communicate deeds that have an underlying message of the good things we humans endeavor.

Past and present vocations in athletics, the arts, design, organizational development, and academics are my foundations; they serve as exemplars of my curiosity of the human condition and the natural lifeworld. The common thread is communication; exploring how individuals and organizations make a mark."